Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to Primary Learning Logs!

Hello and welcome to "Primary Learning Logs"!

I decided to start a blog space to reflect on all the wonderful projects and learning experiences that I create with my children. This summer will be filled with time in the garden, swimming in lakes, hikes on our local trails, playing in the backyard and finding quiet moments to read aloud to the kids....all perfect opportunities for teaching and learning along side my 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter!

Over the last year I have enjoyed reading a variety of home school blogs. I found out that reading homeschoolers blogs gave me a bad case of "blog-envy", so I have now created a space to blog to my hearts content!

Currenly I have one other blog,, which journals my escapades in nature with my own kids. "Primary Learning Logs" on the other hand will highlight more of the academic work we do.Though our children will attend public school, we believe strongly that education is a partnership between the school and home. Many of my posts will focus on kindergarten level activites but I also have been inspired to start regular 'tot school' posts that highlight all the wonderful learning my two year is experiencing!

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  1. Blog envy....oh, no. Welcome to the wild world of blogging.