Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Google Doc, perhaps?

I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I am learning through trial and error. Tonight my task was to figure out how to upload a Word Doc on my PC to Google Docs, make it a shared file, and then link it into a blog post.
If I did this correctly, when you click on my link should be a page with theme names that can be printed on labels.
Did it work?
If so, my next question is how can I link to the google Doc without the whole URL. Anyone know?


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  2. I messed up the last post after I had already published it. Let me try again.

    Sorry! You're link didn't work. Here's a couple of tips:
    1. After downloading your file to Google Docs, find the link that says "share" and change your document so it can be seen by others. It is probably set to private right now.
    2. You can either link you Google Doc to a word or a picture. The process is the same. I normally type a sentence like "Click here to download the file." Then I highlight the word "here" and click on the word LINK. From there, you can paste in your URL. Sometimes you have to click word LINK two times. Follow the same steps with a picture. Highlight and chose LINK. Hope that makes sense.
    3. Go to Ladybugs Teacher Files blog and click on the Technology tab at the top. She has awesome tips for blogging. I've learned SO much from her.

    I'm new to blogging too. It takes time to learn. Can't wait to see what all you post here.
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