Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Reading Log

We do a summer reading log every summer, but this year it's books that my son is reading to me! Though I am a Reading Specialist and I have had the privilege of teaching many kids to read....nothing compares to listening to your own child read. Especially when he re-reads a book and says, "Yesterday this was hard but today I know the words!"

This past week he has been reading to his Grandpa Joe. One day he read 17 books and another 21 books in one sitting. out. He's got the reading bug for sure!

I don't like to reward him for reading because I want him to be intrinsically motivated. I want him to want to read....I don't want him to read to get a sticker or a pizza!

I did make an exception this summer though. Every time he fills up one row on his chart (20 books) he gets to do a special activity. This is something that he chooses to do with either my husband or I. So far he has: caught minnows, played mini golf, and went on a canoe trip.

Yep, 60 books and we only started the log 10 days ago!

Proud Momma!

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