Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Math Work Stations - getting started!

I've continued on my quest to implement Debbie Diller's "Math Work Stations" into my summer "Kinder Camp" at home. Getting started with this project is much different than planning for a classroom so some of the tasks for this chapter don't apply.

I can see the importance of a management board to keep a classroom full of kids on task and have enjoyed reading other's blogs to see how they are implementing them into their classroom. Here at our house it won't be necessary, but  I do plan to use a checklist to see which math work stations my son is using most often.

One idea from this week's reading that I really liked is to create 'anchor charts' WITH the children. This helps to reinforce what the kids are learning and serves as an on-going learning tool. I plan on using these regularly with my children. Thanks to Mrs. Parker for sharing a link on her blog that show wonderful examples of anchor charts:
I have started a list of supplies to buy and poster board will definitely be on there! And copious amounts of card stock, laminating pouches, & ink for all the great on-line printables!

I also plan on utilizing the math talk cards. It is so important to model math vocabulary and these will be a great tool. Another link that I discovered this week from reading the MWS Blog Party was one that had great math vocabulary cards that could be printed for free. Once on the site click, look under the listing,  Grade Level Vocabulary Cards, then click on the grade level of interest to you. There is K-5 available.

My big project for the week is going through my math paper files, cleaning out the old, and making room for the new. That whole PURGE step is hard. Knowing that there are so many better resources than worksheets has made it slightly easier.
I was hoping to post a link to my own Google Docs that had math labels formatted for file folders. I thought others would appreciate this if they too were cleaning out their filing cabinets but I am still a novice. {The dilemna: The document saved on the PC is formatted correctly and prints in the margins of an Avery label sheet, but when I upload to Google Docs the words are there but the formatting isn't. Hmmm...any thoughts my blogging Google Doc fanatic friends?}

Another area that I want to learn more about is the Common Core Standards and how to organize my materials around them. I hope others will post how they are using these in their teaching. Being a stay-at-home-mom I don't feel like I'm in the loop of current eduational trends, but I know that my state (Vermont) has adopted the Common Core and want to be knowledgeable about them!

All of this MWS blogging seems less of a party and rather hard work. I love professional learning and this group has given me a kick in pants to get in gear. Seeing what you all are doing this summer to improve your instruction is inspiring!

As a reward for all my hard work, I am taking a day off from being a SAHM and going to a full day math training. Saturday will be spent at a Mother Goose Cares about Math workshop! I'm so excited to chat about math with other primary teachers! And the hour drive there and back will give me some quiet think time!

Can't wait for our next installment....Beginning Number Concept! See you then!


  1. I know what you mean! Parties usually involve music and drinks! This is like work... but I love it. I am so excited to try out everything I have learned.

    Thank you for linking up!
    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  2. Try saving your word document as a PDF before loading onto Google docs. This should help the document from being reformatted as you upload it.

    Thanks for joining in our discussion. I am excited to read your future posts.