Sunday, November 6, 2011

Short Vowel Printables

I have been searching the web for some free printable activities to reinforce short vowel sounds. My son is doing well with reading words with short vowels but continues to mix up vowels in his writing.

This is common but I thought reinforcing spelling of the short vowels would be a good idea. We have been doing word sorts, spelling sorts, and writing simple sentences with short vowel words. He is very strong with short a and o, but is 'using and confusing' short i and u. I have purposefully left short e to the last vowel we work on since it is typically the hardest for children to master.

I think he will enjoy working on the printable worksheets from the website listed below. In particular I think the "Word Builder" sheet which is like a spelling maze would be fun; and I know he'll like the "word bank" sheet because we did a similar activity this summer. Typically my philosophy is that we can learn without workbooks and worksheets but sometimes I think they are useful. And it's so funny that when I do bring out a worksheet he gets so excited because it isn't our norm!

Check out the FREE short vowel worksheets here:

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