Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness, Days 1-11

November 1: I'm thankful for all the homes in town that hand out candy to trick-or-treaters so all of us living further outside of town can come bring our kids to mooch.
November 2: I'm thankful for amazing deals on diapers on Amazon. (I'd be even more thankful to say potty training was done and I was saving hundreds of dollars...)

November 3: I'm thankful for pretty dresses and fashionable hats for little girls.

November 4: I'm thankful for all my blogging friends and the amazing freebies they share.
November 5: I'm thankful for weekends and work schedules that allow our family to be together as much as we are!
November 6: I'm thankful for my son and all the hard work and effort he is putting into learning to read.

November 7: I'm thankful for our Music Together class that encourages me to sing and dance with my daughter.
November 8: I'm thankful for green grass.
November 9: I am thankful for the unseasonably mild fall we've had and all the extra sunshine Vermont has received this November!
November 10: I am thankful for my well organized "honey do list" and even more thankful for a loving husband who has gotten the fall list finished!
November 11: I am INCREDIBLY thankful for that quiet hour during nap time and before the school bus arrives!

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