Monday, November 14, 2011

Free Printable Math Games

My son loves math and he is always eager to play new games. Instead of buying board games or packaged products, I've decided to be on the look out for FREE printable math games online.

Today I found a new website that has a variety of math centers and games with free printables in PDF form. There are about 30 activities to choose from. It's not listed the age range but it looks like Kindergarten -1st grade work. I haven't tried out any of the games yet so I can't blog about specifics that he liked...but I'll keep you posted!

For games for children to play online, our new 'go to' website is - which has K-5 grade work for both literacy and math.


  1. Hi , I just want to share a link talking about math games for kids. Thank you

  2. if your son do like that , and always interest in math then that is good for you and your son , because now every kids want to play games like a board games and smart phones games then i think is good for you . ipracticemath website there i find also Printable Math Worksheets for my kids. they really enjoy with that. so keep it up and always support your son in study.

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