Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Focus on Mom

Is it just me or do you go to pick out pictures to print and there are ten thousand of the kids and zero of you? I resolved that I need to take more family photos years ago...but this year I really plan on doing it!

So for 2012 I decided to accept a challenge from one of my bloggy friends (Nicolette) to "get out from behind the camera and step out in front of it". Basically she wants moms to "capture the simple everyday moments that years from now you and your family will treasure most regardless of what you were wearing or what kind of camera you were using".

So I went through our January pictures to write this post and I found 3 pictures that I was in. Astonished...that is 3 more than most any other month! So here they are....

Here is me and my family at the end of a gymnastics party. I love how proud both the kids are of their Gold Medals! Even that cheesy little grin on the Queen is priceless.

So my right hand looks abnormally large, and my left hand looks like I'm about to punch myself...but none the less it's a photo!

And last but not least...a silly picture of me leading my preschool class in a snowflake dance.

I love that that the only "rule" for this linky party is that "mom" needs to be in the picture! It will encourage me to ask for someone to take at least one picture a month of me and the kiddos!

If you want to join the fun of "Focus on Mom" check out

Until next month!

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  1. So glad you join us this month. I love the cheesy grins too. And one of you being silly is great. The kids will so appreciate that one when they are older. See you next month!