Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chocolate Play Dough

When the Imagination Tree http://www.theimaginationtree.com/2012/01/easy-chocolate-play-dough-recipe.html posted about chocolate play dough I knew I needed to make some.
So I made it for my two kids at home. I knew then I needed to make it for the 12 preschoolers in my class.
Then my son begged for me to make it for his kindergarten class and he wanted there to be enough for all 16 kids to enjoy! Wow...I've never made so much play dough in the span of a week!

Here are my son's special Valentine chocolates and in the back is my daughter's "Happy Birthday cake with dots and dots of candles!"

The kids opened their very own chocolate store. I LOVE when they play together like this!

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