Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tot School 2012!

"Tot School" is a term that many homeschoolers use to describe their work with their toddlers. Tot School is not an actual school and the purpose is not to push 'academic' skills but rather to have fun learning early skills.

For us, "Tot School" is a focused time that I spend each day with my 'tot' -- a.k.a. "The Queen"! I was inspired by this website -  to start "Tot School" around this time last year. I had big plans of doing a weekly blog post about our progress but I never could seem to get into the rhythm of a weekly post.

We did "Tot School" throughout 2011 and had lots of fun learning and playing together. She and I both look forward to this one-on-one time!

I decided that I could get a bit more organized in 2012, and commit to doing a monthly blog post about our Tot School adventures. The Queen is at an exciting time of growth and change. The monthly post would help me remember these special moments & will help me reflect on where we are going. These posts would also be fun for my family who live far away to stay connected!

So what do we do during our tot time? We do a variety of fun play activities. It's a special one-on-one time that I dedicate just to her. Though I usually have a plan about what I want to work on, I follow her lead. Sometimes it's just a tea party and other times it's more structured.

When is tot time? I find this time when my older son is at school or when he is engrossed in a project with my husband. I try to drop everything else and get onto the floor and focus just on her. I know that I did better job of this when I had just one child...but we get in as much tot time as we can! We are not a homeschooling family but we do lots of 'homeschooling' types of activities with both of our children!

The Queen will be three in May, and will begin preschool in the fall. I am excited that she will be in my classroom, and that will be a whole new adventure in itself! But until then...on to Tot School 2012!
This weekend I will do our first post of the year...I know I can do this! ;)

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