Monday, January 30, 2012

Groundhog Craft

There are tons of groundhog crafts on-line but I think my version is cute enough to share.

Simply decorate a toilet paper tube to match the seasons that Phil could predict. Glue light blue or white felt onto one side to represent "six more weeks of winter". Then glue green felt with snips on top to symbolize grass and spring.

For the puppet, copy a small groundhog onto card stock. Have the kids cut it out and color and then attach to a stick. A chop stick would work better but all we had was popsicle sticks. For added durability, laminate the groundhog or cover with box tape.

Voila...a cute little groundhog craft that encourages pretend play about the seasons!

(Sorry I don't have a printable groundhog to share. The one I used was copyrighted.)

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