Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interactive Hundreds Charts

My son loves to work with the hundreds chart so I went looking online for some new resources. Currently he is learning how to count by 3s using the hundreds chart so I started my search there.  I ended up finding a great site that has an interactive hundreds chart, which can be used for all sorts of number sequences!

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a goldmine of resources. Be sure to bookmark it if you haven't already!!

This Hundreds Chart is a great tool to use to demonstrate skip counting. There are three modes which can be found BELOW the chart - practice, show and animate.

Practice mode-  allows the child to counting by clicking on numbers in the chart. If the child clicks correctly, the number becomes highlighted in blue, but if it's incorrect it is highlighted red. To start over just click clear.

Show mode - when clicked all the numbers in the counting sequence are highlighted immediately. To change the sequences use the arrows to change the number to "count by" or change the number that you "start at". I love how visual this is for demonstrating skip counting!

Animate - when clicked the numbers in the sequence appear one at a time. It is slow enough that child could practice counting orally before (or at least with) the numbers as they appear.

I also love the "Starting at" button which allows you to change the number that you begin the counting sequence. For instance, my son can easily count by 10s to one hundred if he begins at 10, or by 5s starting at 5, or by 2s starting at 2. This button allows you to start at another number and skip count, which is a higher level of thinking. Try counting by tens if you start with 13...or by fives if you start with 4 ---- definitely a lot harder!

This would be an even greater tool if you could interact with it on a touch screen. If anyone reading knows of one, I'd love to have the link. (Well I guess that I'd also need an iPad or SmartBoard too!) But for now we are going to have fun with this FREE interactive hundreds chart that can just be used on the PC. Enjoy!

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