Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Educational Apps

We have an iPod touch that we let our kids play with occasionally. Though we know there are lots of great apps out there for children we really haven't invested the time to find them. I find looking at the iTunes App Store an overwhelming task and seem to spend less time on there the longer I have my iPod. Today I stumbled upon a website,  which is a great place to read reviews of educational apps for children. They categorize them by Ages 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 and write reviews that have been kid tested!
So I read some of their reviews for my kiddos and decided to buy Licking Letters. It only costs 99 cents so it's worth the investment! I thought this might be a fun way for my son to get some practice spelling. I am guessing that he's going to really enjoying dressing the frog in crazy outfits, which is the reward for the tokens you earn.

I also downloaded Mermaid Waters which is a free math app geared for preschoolers. I am hoping that my 2.5 year old enjoys the number recognition and counting activities. The review says that there are various levels of difficulty so maybe we will get a bit of mileage out of the app with both kiddos...but it may be a bit to easy for my kindergartner. Either way, it's a FREE.

How about you...what apps do your children like?

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