Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tooth Fairy!

To say that my son was excited to lose his first tooth is an understatement. The dentist told him back in January that his tooth was loose. So I've had the pleasure of hearing about the tooth, reading tooth books, helping to wiggle the tooth, hearing my son tell other people about the tooth, answering tooth falling out questions, making a tooth collage, and reading more books about teeth....but the darn tooth was hanging on.

Finally the wiggly tooth fell out while eating a hot dog at our community pool. My son was so excited to show it to his friend we were with, then the woman selling the hot dogs, the man grilling the hot dogs, and finally his swimming teacher. The little tooth was shown practically to anyone who would look at it. Once we got home my son insisted on checking it out under the microscope and he was amazed at looking at the inside of the tooth. Then he wrote this sweet note to the tooth fairy...

The tooth fairy was so impressed by the tooth and the note that he got $1 and got to keep the tooth for further scientific studies!!!

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