Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Printable Books

Tonight I was on the hunt for a free source of printable books for emergent readers. I have a couple of friends whose children are just learning to read, and I'd love to give them a one-stop website to print books.  
Overall, I would say that the free sources on-line are not the quality of books that I would want a beginning reader to use. Listed below are what I found so far. If anyone has additional sources please let me know!

Free mini books (alphabet, holiday, common themes)

Free printable books for a variety of reading levels. There is a section of alphabet books and some 'first reader' coloring books. From the home page click on book list and then click on the theme. The number by the title tells you the reading level.

Free Word Family Books:

Free Word Family Worksheets & Activities:

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