Monday, June 11, 2012

Activity Popsicle Sticks

One of the blogs I follow, Activity-Mom (see link below), had a great idea about writing activities onto popsicle sticks for the kids to pick and then play. I am going to use these as independent play ideas for the kids to do together while I accomplish a task.

With my kids, we brainstormed a big list of activities they could do together (with little to no adult supervision) and that required no pre-planning on my part. So this required a lot of discussion but I found that explaining that we needed to already have the "stuff" around the house and that the activity would be safe for the kids to do by themselves.Therefore we quickly ruled out "Go to Chucky Cheese." or "Build an tree house."

I think making the sticks has built interest in toys that have been neglected and forgotten. It inspired me to clean up and get out some older toys and make nice displays to get the kids excited.

And yes, much to my son's relief, the kids can play with the toys any time and don't have to wait for a stick to be pulled out!

I color coded the sticks with green & red dots so that we could easily keep track of which ones we did. Once they all get turned over and are red, we will flip them and start over again.

Here are the ideas we have written on our sticks so far:

Indoor Activities:
Crazy Fort Building
Domino Building
Colored Wooden Blocks - build, then draw it
Play Dinosaurs
Gears, Gears, Gears
Pegs - build a high multi-layer birthday cake!
Marble Run

Lego Challenge - build a bridge
Lego Challenge - build the tallest free standing structure
Play Doctor
Pretend Birthday Party
Mario Dress Up
Water Colors
Bean Stick Making

Match It Math Puzzles
U.S. Puzzle
20 Puzzle Set

Candy Land
I Spy Bingo
Colorful Caterpillars
Diego I Spy
Diggity Dog
Mighty Mind
Mini Hockey Game
Pillow Fort: Bring pillows behind couch for reading & slumber party

Later on when we learn how to play together:
Super Mario Memory
Snap Circuits

Extra ideas for later in the summer!
Build a castle with blocks
Cardboard Blocks tumble down
Jigsaw Puzzles
Hide and Seek
Sticky wall
Do a Dot Painting
Yard Sale in the Playroom
Play Restaurant
Rubber Stamp Art
Indoor Obstacle Course
Body Tracing
Play Library
Dance Party
Balloon Bop - keep the balloon in the air as long as you can
Build a fort with blankets

Outdoor Activities: (kept in a separate cup!)
Sidewalk Chalk
Water Table
Sand Box
Sensory or Water Table
Pretend Cooking
Obstacle Course
Water Painting with Brushes & Spray Bottles
Make a pretend campfire
Play donut shop in play house
Build a fairy house
Soccer shoot out
Balance beams with 2x4's on the grass

Hot days required:
Water balloons
Wigglin' Water Sprinkler
Clown Sprinkler

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  1. Great idea to put red dots on one end and green on the other!