Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Calendar Center

My son came home from Kindergarten with a BIG idea. He likes to jump off the bus and start running up our hill and I meet him halfway. He is usually bubbling over with a story from the day to share with me. But today he had a brillant idea while riding the bus home.

 "Mom, we have to make a calendar center in the house. I can be the one to change the date and check the weather."

Of course, I am extremely excited to create our own calendar center. I have lots of my own ideas but I thought I should let him design his own space. So I found this great website full of pictures to inspire him.

And this page explains how to implement the routines....

He is excited to work with BIG numbers. He was explaining to us that he can now count to 1,000 and they are only counting to 12 in his class. Guess we need to challenge him more at home!

(Hopefully I'll post photos this weekend!)

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